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Ali’s 5 Star Review of Saratoga Vision Center
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 2/15/2020

What an absolutely fantastic experience. I’ve been wearing prescription glasses/contacts for 25 year and have been to many many optometrists. The night before visiting Saratoga Vision Center, I had a strange situation happen to me where one of my contact lenses got stuck in my eye! I did everything to get it out but ended up giving up and sleeping with it in my eye. The next morning I was working in Campbell and still felt the lens in my eye. I called 4 different optometrists offices within a 3 mile radius of where I was and explained my urgent condition: The first one was very rude, didn’t seem concerned, asked for my insurance and whether I wanted to schedule an appt within the next 7 days. The second one didn’t even answer the phone. The third one was very nice, but was booked and couldn’t make any exceptions.

Before I was about to give up, I called Saratoga Vision Center. Margaret picked up and showed sincere concern for my situation. She checked with the doctor and told me to come in right away. Once I arrived, I was taken in immediately. Literally no wait. They didn’t ask me to fill out forms, didn’t make me wait, didn’t even ask for insurance. What seemed most important for them was making sure I was ok.

Margaret checked my eye and calmed my nerves. Within minutes, I was in the room with Dr. Fanelli, one of the most professional and thorough optometrists I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He did a complete analysis of my eye, resolved the issue and even provided me with a few different complimentary eye drops.

He walked me out to the front and the front desk informed me that “this one was on the house”. I was speechless. Hands down the best office I’ve been too. Fantastic service and real genuine desire to serve the community the right way.

I’ve already referred 3 of my family members to this office and will be returning for my yearly eye exam, even though I live in Gilroy!

Thanks again everyone.