Ana, Eyelid Hygienist, Optometric Assistant, Administrative Assistant

New with us at Westside Family Vision Center in autumn 2017, Ana was new to optometry too, but quickly became expert at verifying prescriptions in eyeglass lenses and running vision tests. Now also one of the faces of our WFVC front desk, as well as in the back as our Certified Eyelid Hygienist, she is helping keep things running happily and smoothly from front to back. Full of energy and enthusiasm, she is a great presence in our office.

Carol, Optometric Assistant

Carol joined us at Westside Family Vision Center in the challenging summer of 2020, soon after we reopened with COVID-19 safety protocol in place. She brought her many years of experience in the optometry/ophthalmology fields, where she has handled all aspects of running an office since 1993. Her favorite is frame selection because it's a personal thing for each individual and can be fun and fashionable! Sweet and caring, she is committed to providing high quality care to all of the patients she works with.

Connie, Vision Therapist, Administrator, Community Education Coordinator

Connie has been a vision therapist since 1984 and with Westside Family Vision Center since 1990. She has degrees in psychology and health science. In addition to her work in vision therapy, she has been a substitute teacher in elementary, middle and high schools, an exercise instructor for seniors in assisted living, a swim instructor and a lifeguard, as well as a volunteer for several community service organizations. Volunteer work continues to be very important to her.

Danielle, Eyelid Hygienist, Accounting Lead

Danielle brought her business experience and began working with us in the summer of 2016. From helping with patients' accounts to pretesting and more, we have kept her busy. She has become our certified BlephEx specialist, so if you have symptoms of blepharitis (for example: itchy, crusty eyes), ask us about this very helpful treatment.

Eileen, Vision Therapist

Eileen is a retired elementary school teacher with 38 years of teaching experience. She has been involved in vision therapy since 2000 and enjoys working with kids and adults both. Eileen loves to travel, has a passion for cooking, and enjoys gardening. She has a son and a daughter, a grandson and two granddaughters.

Jason, Reception Lead, Optometric Assistant

Starting the new year with us as reception lead at Saratoga in 2024, Jason jumped right in with a background full of optometric experience. His enthusiasm, energy and readiness to help everyone is a delight.

Linda, Optometric Assistant

Linda joined us in 2019, originally running Saratoga Vision Center's front desk, she moved in 2022 to being our lead pre-tester at Westside Family Vision Center. A great help and caring person, she works hard to keep things flowing smoothly.

Lydia, Reception Lead, Optometric Assistant

Previously with Westside Family Vision Center as our reception lead, Lydia returned in 2014 as our pretest and contact lens lead, and now has resumed sharing her talents as lead receptionist. She knows things front to back; we are very happy to have her. Thoughtful, patient and comforting, she is a great pleasure in the office.

Margaret, Senior Optometric Technician

5529_119060114468_6936498_nMargaret started in the optical field in 1984 and has been with Saratoga Vision Center since 1996. She is very knowledgeable, a great help with all things frame, lens and lab related, now at both of our offices. One of her favorite things is helping people look their best by helping with frame decisions when glasses are prescribed. Also a favorite is spending time in Hawaii.
Counting the days until next time…

Maria, Clinical Manager

10628275_863487220329864_2491165149253338772_nMaria is well-versed in frame and lens selection, having been with Westside Family Vision Center since 1995 and in the optometric business previously as well. She can help you find what is current in frame styling and can help you understand all the options in lens materials, as well as helping find your best look.

Nick, Optometric Assistant

American Board of Opticianry Certified, Nick joined us in the fall of 2021 bringing many years of experience in frame and lens selection, fitting and repairs.  His expertise is a great asset and we are thrilled to have him with us.

Sarah, Optometric Assistant and Senior Insurance Administrator

10425187_741677649188898_7001243863896439421_nSarah, we miss you.


Sheida, Senior Insurance Administrator

Sheida jumped in with us in early 2018, quickly becoming our go-to for navigating the complexities of the insurance world. Always ready to help, if she doesn't know the answer, she will go to great lengths to find it.

Sherry, Optometric Assistant

An experienced optometric assistant, Sherry joined us in early 2018. Expert at training new contact lens wearers and pretesting before vision exams, she is a great help at both our Saratoga and San Jose offices.