Dr Mary Dougherty, optometrist


Dr. Mary E. Dougherty, O.D. graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, with degrees in Biology and Chemistry. She then went on to the Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago, Illinois for her Doctor of Optometry.

Her optometric training included rotations in the following areas: primary care, contact lens service, pediatrics, low vision, and general opthalmologic service. In the primary care rotation, she diagnosed, treated and managed ocular disease, used diagnostic and therapeutic drugs and also helped patients select frames, fit glasses, and repaired glasses. In the cornea and contact lens section, she fit patients with a wide variety of rigid gas permeable and soft contact lenses. This included lenses to correct astigmatism and bifocal contacts. The pediatric experience consisted of comprehensive optometric care of infants and children. This included evaluation of visual development, binocular vision, strabismus (eye turns), and contact lens fitting. The low vision rotation allowed her to evaluate and manage the care of visually impaired patients. She dispensed magnifiers, telescopes and other low vision devices. Dr. Dougherty's clinical training was extensive and thorough. She was also very active in professional and academic organizations. Dr. Dougherty was honored with the Pediatric/Binocular Vision Department Award for outstanding clinician.

Dr. Dougherty also did an internship at the Cleveland Veterans Administration Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio. In this experience, she worked closely with opthalmologists (eye surgeons) in the pre-operative and post-operative care of patients with cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic changes, and retinal abnormalities. The large retired population that she worked with at the clinic allowed her to expand her skills in visual field interpretation and retinal photodocumentation.

Dr. Dougherty moved to the Bay Area in 1995 and worked with an ophthalmologist who specialized in cataract surgery and glaucoma care. She has worked with Drs. Fabian and Fanelli since 1997. Dr. Dougherty is married and has two children.