What is Vision Therapy

Optometric vision therapy, sometimes called visual training or v.t., is the part of optometric care devoted to developing, improving, and enhancing people's visual performance and comfort. Benefits are seen in school, work, sports, and general contentment and well being. Vision therapy can benefit people of all ages.

Some indications that you might be a good candidate for vision therapy:

  • Headaches - especially near the eyes or forehead, or occasionally at the back of the head.
  • Double Vision - two objects are seen when only one exists.
  • Reduced Performance - losing your place while reading, rereading words or lines, difficulty with understanding or recalling what you've read, reading slowly, reduced attention or disinterest in reading.
  • Discomfort, Fatigue - body tension, stress or pain, weariness at the end of a school or work day.
  • Suppression - information from one eye is blocked or ignored to avoid seeing double. If the visual problem is not corrected, it may get worse.

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