Vision and Lifestyle

Seeing 3-D

    If you experience dizziness, discomfort, or lack of depth, see your Doctor of Optometry. Some people who have even a small eye misalignment, unstable or inadequate focusing ability, difficulty coordinating vision with other senses, or those who lack equal vision in both eyes may not be able to see 3D images properly.  They may…

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Computer Use And Vision

Computer Screens and Vision More than half of all computer users experience eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision and other symptoms directly and indirectly related to increased, sustained nearpoint visual stress associated with the use of computers.  Visual stress also may underlie complaints of general body fatigue, reduced efficiency at work and higher error rates as the…

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Better Sports Through Better Vision

See Better, Play Better Have you ever wished you could improve your batting average, lower your golf score or just play your favorite sport better? If so, you’re like most sports participants. We all want to do better at the things we enjoy doing. Sharpening your vision skills is one way of improving your game…

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