Equipment and Explanations

Which Type Of Eye Doctor Should I See?

Types of Specialists Who should I choose for my next eye exam? The names of the different eye professionals all begin with “O” and are easily confused. Here is a description of each to help you decide who can best help you. Optometrist: A general eye doctor with eight to ten years of college training…

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Technology and Specialized Testing

In keeping with our goal of offering personalized, compassionate care using the latest technology, we have equipped our offices with advanced equipment. IZON Abberometer allows measurement of your vision to 100th of a diopter, far more accurate than prior instruments. Humphrey Visual Field Tester uses the latest software to make early diagnosis of glaucoma and…

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Glossory Of Eyecare Terms

ACCOMMODATION The ability of the eye to change its focus from distant to near objects; process achieved by the lens changing its shape. ANTERIOR CHAMBER The space in front of the iris and behind the cornea. AQUEOUS HUMOR, AQUEOUS FLUID (A-kwe-us) Clear, watery fluid that flows between and nourishes the lens and the cornea; secreted by…

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