Children’s Vision

Vision & Learning Every year in the U.S., up to 20% of elementary school children start school with undetected vision problems. With 80% of learning occurring through vision, large numbers of children are likely performing below their full potential in school. In a recent study in the US, several thousand elementary school aged children were…

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Why Buy Your Glasses From Your Eye Doctor?

Why Buy Your Glasses From Your Eye Doctor? 1.  Lens Accuracy.  Your doctor will choose a lab that is as accurate in making your glasses as he/she was in measuring your prescription. 2. Frame Accuracy.  Your doctor will give guidance to the optometric assistant concerning special requirements for choosing the correct frame for your unique prescription. 3. Precision…

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Glossory Of Eyecare Terms

ACCOMMODATION The ability of the eye to change its focus from distant to near objects; process achieved by the lens changing its shape. ANTERIOR CHAMBER The space in front of the iris and behind the cornea. AQUEOUS HUMOR, AQUEOUS FLUID (A-kwe-us) Clear, watery fluid that flows between and nourishes the lens and the cornea; secreted by…

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Computer Use And Vision

Computer Screens and Vision More than half of all computer users experience eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision and other symptoms directly and indirectly related to increased, sustained nearpoint visual stress associated with the use of computers.  Visual stress also may underlie complaints of general body fatigue, reduced efficiency at work and higher error rates as the…

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UV Protection

Sunglasses Are More Than Shades Sunglasses have gone from a fashion accessory to a necessity. You depend on them for driving, recreation and most outdoor daytime activities. When choosing your sunglasses, you probably still look for a fashionable frame but, more importantly, you should be seeking lenses to meet your eyes’ needs for comfort and…

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Better Sports Through Better Vision

See Better, Play Better Have you ever wished you could improve your batting average, lower your golf score or just play your favorite sport better? If so, you’re like most sports participants. We all want to do better at the things we enjoy doing. Sharpening your vision skills is one way of improving your game…

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Reading More Smoothly & Attentively

“My son and my daughter have become happy competent readers.”

When my son started vision therapy, I didn’t really understand how it worked. I just know that after years of tutoring there was still something missing. Four years later, my daughter was in the same position and I knew just what to do. I have learned so much about how kids learn and I am really impressed with how the vision therapy targets just what they need.

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Positive Attitude

“Lauren is now able to remain in her seat, focus on her reading assignments and complete her work with the rest of her class. She has not complained of ghost illnesses. Her reading level has jumped dramatically.”

What a change we have seen in our daughter in the past four months. Lauren began her vision lessons as an unhappy, poor reader with extremely low self-esteem. The was easily frustrated when she read and would ofter have melt downs during homework time. During reading time in her classroom she would fidget, pop up from her seat and often lost focus on her assignments. She disturbed the class with complaints of vague illnesses and was uncomfortable.

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