Why Buy Your Contact Lenses From Your Eye Doctor’s Office?

We believe in you having great vision from one exam to your next, and we offer these benefits to ensure that is the primary focus.


  • Our Prices are competitive and often match or beat retailers after benefits and rebates are applied, and we offer no cost home delivery for most orders.
  • For your Convenience we carry all products prescribed by our doctors and are often able to provide lenses at your appointment.
  • For your Safety we use only verified distributers of regulated contact lenses, and if your order is received in our office, we verify it to reduce the chance of you receiving incorrect lenses.
  • We Guarantee contact lenses purchased from our practice. With our no hassle Warranty, in the case of defective lenses, we will provide replacements.
  • Ordering lenses from us allows us to keep a supply of Emergency Lenses in our inventory. These lenses are available to you in case of damaged or lost lenses.