Reading More Smoothly & Attentively

“My son and my daughter have become happy competent readers.”

When my son started vision therapy, I didn’t really understand how it worked. I just know that after years of tutoring there was still something missing. Four years later, my daughter was in the same position and I knew just what to do. I have learned so much about how kids learn and I am really impressed with how the vision therapy targets just what they need.

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Positive Attitude

“Lauren is now able to remain in her seat, focus on her reading assignments and complete her work with the rest of her class. She has not complained of ghost illnesses. Her reading level has jumped dramatically.”

What a change we have seen in our daughter in the past four months. Lauren began her vision lessons as an unhappy, poor reader with extremely low self-esteem. The was easily frustrated when she read and would ofter have melt downs during homework time. During reading time in her classroom she would fidget, pop up from her seat and often lost focus on her assignments. She disturbed the class with complaints of vague illnesses and was uncomfortable.

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