As you probably are aware, we are now being advised to wear masks in public to add another layer of protection against COVID-19. But what about eye protection? Infection from COVID-19 is a result of contact with mucous droplets, either from the air or by touching our eyes, noses or mouths with our hands. The best way to protect your eyes is to wear glasses. If you already have prescription glasses, you are all set. Larger designs with wrap give the most protection.

For contact lens wearers and those of you with perfect vision, glasses with no power is the answer. Hardware stores sell clear protective eyewear that will work well, but are often heavy and uncomfortable. To solve this, we can provide you with more comfortable glasses with no-power lenses.

To keep your glasses free of viral contamination, clean them like you wash your hands, with lots of warm soapy water. A simple dish washing soap like Dawn is perfect.

So for your safety, wash your hands and glasses, wear a mask in public and shield your eyes with a comfortable pair of glasses. 

We still have no date for reopening, but we are preparing to provide you with a safe office when we return. In the meantime, contact us at (408) 264-1555 if we can help you with any of your vision needs or concerns.

Drs. Fanelli, Fabian, Dougherty, Sathya and staff.