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No Longer Avoiding Reading

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Sarah’s mom had great news to share after her vision therapy. “Six months ago Sarah could not accurately track a line of large print unless she used her finger or some kind of marker. Today she is reading chapter books with smaller print by only moving her eyes. But an even bigger improvement is the…

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Vision & Health Newsletter

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Click here to see our  Newsletter, content changes quarterly, so come back again for new information.

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New Location

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Coming November 2014, Saratoga Vision Center Relocated! Same complex, just around the corner next to Starbucks, come see our new office in November.  Same great service, brand new office!  

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See yourself in colored contact lenses!

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See yourself with a new eye color. You do not need to have a prescription to wear colored contact lenses.  Just be sure to get properly fitted, properly manufactured contact lenses from an eye care professional; beware of costume lenses from retail sources. Click Air Optix Color Studio, upload your own photo and have some fun : )…

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Say Cheese! Share Your Pictures

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Allergies Bothering Your Eyes?

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Seeing 3-D

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    If you experience dizziness, discomfort, or lack of depth, see your Doctor of Optometry. Some people who have even a small eye misalignment, unstable or inadequate focusing ability, difficulty coordinating vision with other senses, or those who lack equal vision in both eyes may not be able to see 3D images properly.  They may…

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Dry, Itchy, Burning Eyes?

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Sunglasses Are Important While Driving

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“Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 35. Crash and traffic safety expert John Langan discusses the importance of good vision to driving – and the impairment caused by sun glare. Can the simple act of wearing sunglasses improve the odds for drivers, passengers, children, teens and pedestrians?”

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